Find out Best Techniques for Your Baby to Sleep Better

Different babies may respond differently to the various techniques you can use to promote sleep. So the sooner you decide which one suits you best, the better for everyone! You can get baby sleep consultant training online via Baby Sleep Magic to learn basic sleep techniques. Here are some ways you can help your baby fall asleep:

Teach your baby to sleep where he wakes up

If possible, it is best to place your baby where he will wake up, ie. in the crib, not on your chest, so you need to move it after you fall asleep. If this is not done, he will tend to cry as soon as he wakes up because he may not know where he or you are.

Teach your baby to sleep by rocking him

Place your hands on your baby's tummy or chest and swing them from side to side. Don't be too rough, but don't be too gentle. Newborns love this movement and won't break if you move your hand back and forth.

Teach your baby to fall asleep by singing

One of the best things about babies is that they are uncritical and don't really care about your singing ability! Your baby will find your soft voice reassuring because it is something they recognize and are comfortable with. 

Teach your baby to fall asleep to music

Some parents think that inserting the same CD at the right time will help their baby fall asleep, but keep in mind that this can make it very difficult for your baby to fall asleep without music – which you may regret when the time comes. to sleep if you are not at home.

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