Dog Waste Bags: Why Should You Use Them?

If you own a dog and take it out of your own home, you may be wondering why you need a dog poop bag? Wherever we take our dogs, there is the inevitable possibility that we will have to clean them. Nobody wants to pollute the environment or be punished. This is where dog poop bags come into play.

Dog bags are super easy to carry and don't take up much space, so there's no reason not to take them for a walk. You can put the bag in your pocket, tuck it in your purse, tie it on your belt, or put it in one of the small plastic bag dispensers that come with clips. You can buy dog waste bags in bulk & dog pooper scooper with bags attached from various online sources.

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Uncontrolled dog droppings can enter lakes, rivers, and streams, stopping fishing and swimming due to fecal coliform bacteria found in dog feces. Simply collecting your dog's feces with a dog litter bag will help prevent fecal coliform bacteria from drifting into the puddle.

Also, if like me, you like to keep money in your pocket, you always carry a dog poop bag with you.  After all, a dog litter bag not only keeps the environment clean and money in your pocket, but also helps you to be a good neighbor and dog owner.

Using a bag when your dog is in the neighbor's yard, park, or other location will help prevent the next person from stepping on your dog's litter.

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