Best Ways To Clean Roof In Canada

There are a few different types of roof cleaning that can be done to keep your home looking its best. The most basic type of roof cleaning is by using a pressure washer. This will clean the surface of the roof and any debris that may have accumulated there. 

If you have a chimney, you can also use a chimney brush to clean the inside of the chimney. This is an important step to prevent any potential fires. You can also click here for more info about Roof cleaning in Surrey.

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Finally, if you have a lot of vegetation on your roof, you can use a garden hoe to clear it away before using any of the other methods. 

1. Inspection – Before starting the roof cleaning, first inspect the roof for any damage or discoloration. If there is any damage, it will need to be fixed before attempting to clean the roof.

2. Cleaning – Start by spraying the cleaning chemicals onto the surface of the roof. Work in small sections, using a circular motion to avoid damaging the surface. Be sure to rinse off the area after each section of the roof has been cleaned.

3. Maintenance – Once the roof has been cleaned, it is important to maintain it by regularly cleaning it with a high-quality cleaner and waterless sealant. 

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