The Process Of Building Commissioning

"Building Commissioning" is a process in which architects, engineers and contractors work together to build a structure. These professionals have been noted for their skills in their respective fields, but have not traditionally been able to effectively collaborate with one another. 

The commissioning process begins with the selection of a qualified contractor. The contractor will be responsible for completing all necessary inspections, tests, and documentation. Once the contractor is selected, they will begin work on preparing the equipment for operation. This includes cleaning, repairing, and replacing any parts that may need replacement. To find reputed contractors you can also go to

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Once the equipment is ready for operation, the contractor will perform a functional test. This test is designed to verify that all equipment functions as expected and that no problems exist. If there are any errors during this test, they will be corrected before proceeding with the next phase of the commissioning process.

The next stage of the commissioning process is installation verification. This involves verifying that all components of the equipment are properly installed and connected. Additionally, it is important to check for any issues with wiring or power supply systems. If there are any problems found during this stage, they will be corrected before proceeding with the next stage of the commissioning process.

Once all of the equipment and wiring has been verified to be working properly, it will be time to verify that the system is ready for operation. This involves running a full set of operational tests. This can include testing the complete equipment configuration, proper power levels and a complete test run to ensure all of the equipment is functioning properly within its specifications. 

Once all of these tests have been completed successfully, it will be time to deploy the system as an actual production unit. The entire process should take around three months from start to finish for one functional system.

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