Electric Swimming Pool Covers

Heavy pool covers – enclosures designed for safety can be very tricky – and making the process of unpacking and decomposing large enclosures easier can be a priority for many. The electric cover is basically the same as any other cover, but when you need to put it on or slide it out of the pool, it’s as easy as pressing a button.

Who will use it? 

Electric windows are often popular in public swimming pools where they have to be turned on every night and removed every morning – electricity is a huge help in this tedious and difficult process. But they can also be used at home. Unlike traditional handheld covers, using electric swimming pool enclosures does not require strength or dexterity. 

This makes them ideal for the elderly or disabled, especially those who need to swim in the pool frequently for therapeutic reasons. If removing the cover alone is too much for you, an electric pool cover would be the ideal solution.

How do you work? The motorized rod rotates the coil by pulling the cover inward or pushing against the rail. Power poles are flexible enough to be adjusted to accommodate different pool widths and lengths (and should be easily adapted by the purchaser or installer). 

This increases the choice for those who wish to purchase it as it is not limited to a specific brand or a brand that is tailor-made for a particular size pool.

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