Common House Plants That Anyone Can Keep Alive

Have you ever seen pictures of homes that are filled with plants and immediately feel envy of the green thumb? The idea of bringing the outdoors inside is becoming more fashionable nowadays and with a good reason. 

Research has proven that house plants can not only help clean the air around homes, but they can be beneficial to your mental health as well. positive impact on your mental health. You can buy the best Monstera Ginny plant through various online sites to improve your mental health.

Monstera Ginny

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Here are a few plants to decore your house

Mini Monstera (Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma)

When it comes to household plants are concerned the raphitetra is enjoying a moment. It's not surprising considering the plant's reputation as an extremely fast-growing, robust, and healthy plant. 

The mini monstera is sometimes referred to as Philodendron Ginny the rapid tetra is neither either of them. It's however part of the Araceae family and is thought to be an ancestor of philodendrons as well as monsteras.

Umbrella Plant (Schefflera Arboricola)

The umbrella plant gets its name because of the distinctive manner in which its leaves develop. It isn't clear if they will be as well-known as some of the other plants on this list however they are great starting plants. They thrive in plenty of indirect light. They also need to be watered when their pot has dried out.

They also like more humidity. Schefflera's can be vulnerable to root rot however under the right conditions.

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