Choosing Your Ethernet Service Provider

The market for Ethernet is continuing to grow, as US organizations appreciate the cost savings, performance and efficiency gains to be made from deploying services based on this transport technology.

Businesses that choose Ethernet-based connectivity for their corporate Local and Wide Area Networks can expect greatly increased productivity and profitability, as well as a significant competitive advantage, from the capacity to introduce new applications and services to customers and staff.

When choosing an Ethernet service provider, companies need to consider a range of factors including the fiber-based coverage offered by the provider the methods used to protect, optimize and guarantee network performance the price, and the flexibility of deploying future services. You can get the best networking service via

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Ethernet offers superior network performance at a vastly reduced cost compared to traditional Leased Lines or services based on Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) or Frame Relay transport technologies.

It makes it affordable and achievable for organizations of any size to create a single network that is easier to manage, provides the flexibility to grow with the business, and enables new applications to be added as required, simply and cost-effectively.

The tangible business and IT management benefits of the technology are fuelling massive growth in the adoption of Ethernet services by US corporations, with market estimates for continued growth over the next few years already being exceeded.

There are compelling business reasons why companies are embracing Ethernet as their connectivity of choice for the corporate LAN and Wide Area Network (WAN):

-major cost savings
-increased IT efficiency
-improved business protection
-greater productivity and customer service.