All About Fear Of Flying

If you are afraid of flying, it could be due to the fear of claustrophobia, also known as a phobia. It's the fear of small or enclosed spaces that causes you to feel stuck. Claustrophobia is among the primary reasons why people feel scared to fly in helicopters, aircraft, and the other vehicles that fly.

Phobias are anxiety disorders that lead to the fear of certain objects or locations. If you are suffering from another form of anxiety, it could be the cause of your fear. You can also join the fear of flying course via

As an example, If you were suffering from social anxiety that led to your fear of public spaces, however, you were able to conquer it yourself!

Claustrophobia is a problem when flying as you might feel trapped inside the plane. The body of the plane can be tiny and you might feel trapped as there is no means to escape. 

If you're feeling this way, it's crucial to realize that you're not isolated There are ways to get out. It's estimated that 47% of people who fly have at least one form of anxiety when flying This is almost half of those who travel flying!

The cause of this disorder is usually previous experiences. It could be caused by situations such as being trapped in an elevator or experiencing an anxiety attack and feeling the need to get out but not being able to. These kinds of situations can be extremely stressful and could trigger various kinds of fears. 

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