Why You Need Email Management Software In Your Company?

For years, many have been expecting conventional emails to phase out and suffer a slow, eventual death. Despite the advent of cloud computing, mobile technology, real-time communication applications, and project management tools, email still remains the primary tool for internal and external communication for business organizations.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to invest in email management software now:

1. Manage multiple emails

A complete & best email management software lets you centralize all your email accounts and inboxes. You basically have a unified platform with powerful features like email validation tools, email categories, user profiles, tags, and integration with popular document management systems to help you gain control over multiple email accounts.

2. Implement an effective email marketing campaign

The customer's email is verified by the email verification service to ensure that the email account they provided is valid. The software then automatically assigns a reference number and sends an email, helping the agent track the email and provide appropriate support/service.

3. Collaborate from your inbox

There are a number of email management platforms that you can use to create custom email accounts for different teams. Each account has a leader or owner who can add or remove members to the thread and set team statuses to show their progress.

4. Improve email security

Corporate email accounts are attractive targets for hackers and cybercriminals. This is because hacked emails can be used to access sensitive and confidential data such as bank accounts, social security numbers, credit card information and more. Secret files and projects can be hijacked and held for ransom or sold to competitors.

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