Use a Lawn Aerator and Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Use a lawn aerator to help you to

  • use less water
  • buy less lawn feed
  • spend less time scarifying and on lawn care
  • use less weed killer
  • save time by using a mulching mower efficiently

These simple tips can help you to get your lawn into top condition.

More lush grass

Everyone wants better drainage and to spend less time watering the lawn as well as to do less work clearing and scarifying the weeds and thatch that are left behind after mowing or via the natural cycles.

Lawn aeration, whether it is every time you mow by wearing some lawn aeration shoes, a hollow tine aerator, or a mechanical aerator can help you to save time, effort, and money and give you a more beautiful and more organic lawn. Get started now and get your lawn aerator to start saving and spend more time enjoying. You can also get the benefits of lawn aeration by visiting

Increased fauna and flora, worms included!

All living things, bar the extremophiles at the bottom of the ocean, need three essential resources to survive – air, water and nutrients. A compacted soil drives the air and water out from between the grains of soil leaving a desert-like environment for both the microfauna (bacteria and fungi) and the larger animals such as worms to live in.

A lack of these creatures further compounds the problem as a healthy earthworm population consumes the decaying organic matter, helping to aerate the soil at a micro-level and to return some of the locked-up nutrients into the soil.

Bacteria are also required to breakdown the organic thatch that rests on top and within the soil and using a hollow tine aerator or other core or plug aerators can help bring the soil containing the bacteria to the surface where it spread amongst the thatch helping to speed the process of decay and nutrient reclaim.

Lawn aeration lets the soil breathe and gives a healthy population of bacteria and animals that return nutrients to the soil reducing the risk of disease and the need for expensive lawn feed.

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