The Meaning And Significance Of The Word Philanthropy

Many of us understand what philanthropy is and think of it as a "charitable donation" to those in need. We can even go so far as to recognize the need to promote the welfare of others and worthy causes. But the depth and true meaning of the word requires a deeper look at its different origins and meanings.

Linguistically, the word means love for humanity, as the protection, development and enrichment of human potential. Today we believe that developing human potential serves to improve people's quality of life and that philanthropy is a personal contribution to the common good. This is different from government contributions which are community contributions for the common good. If you want to know more about African philanthropy visit

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The Greek god Zeus tries to destroy them, but a titan named Prometheus gives them a gift that allows them to be saved. The name Prometheus means "beloved of mankind" and that is where the word begins.

We can divide the Greek word into two words, philos and anthropos, the former meaning love, care and nourishment, and the latter meaning humanity. In the play, the time span means that the individual does not yet exist because there is no culture. T

Although these different explanations and definitions can explain the word philanthropy, we can see something even deeper, namely loving all that is in humans. Each supreme aspect and part of ourselves. 

Although the definition is philosophical, it also brings ethics and morality into the equation. The idea is that by doing so, we can become more human, and therefore more human, by striving for perfection in three main areas – body, mind, and spirit.

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