Prostate Problems – Stages Of Prostate Cancer

What you should be aware of regarding the different stages of cancer in the prostate:

The stage of prostate cancer depends on the size of the tumor, its characteristics, and the possibility of spreading.

On the system, Dzhyuit-Whittemora prostate cancer can be classified as stages A and B.

Stages A and B have restricted most prostate glands.

Additionally to the classification of prostate cancer, the method is used in conjunction with the TNM international system (tumor size, type, and appearance of the lymph node metastases). You can find prostate capsules online from many sites.

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This is how the doctor categorizes the stages of prostate cancer, its size, characteristics, and any metastases that may be present.

As mentioned earlier, the classifying the stages of prostate cancer, doctors used two systems: Dzhyuit-Whittemore as well as the global system known as TNM.

Stage A: It is the first stage and does not display any symptoms. The cancerous cells are found within the prostate.

A1 – Cancer cells are differentiated well, they are characterized by their moderate anomalies.

A2 – can moderately or ineffectively differentiate cancer cells in various areas within the prostate.

Stage B: The tumor is located inside the prostate, however, it is detectable (ie the finger doctor can detect it) or detected by the presence of elevated levels of PSA.

B0 – cancer in the prostate, called nepalpiruetsya. PSA level was increased.

B1 – A single tumor site within the prostate's one lobe.

B2 – massive growth of tumors on either or both of the lobes of the prostate.

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