LexisNexis: How To Skip Trace Someone Like A Boss

Skip tracing is a process used to track down a missing person or asset. When law enforcement needs to find someone, they may need to use skip tracing techniques to locate that person. Skip tracing can be done by using public records and contacting friends, family, and associates of the person who is missing.

If you're looking to track down a suspect or learn more about an ongoing investigation, lexisnexis skip trace has the resources you need. We've collected essential tips on how to skip tracing someone like a boss.

Skip tracing software is a great way to protect your real estate investments. It allows you to track the history of any property you own. This means that you can find out if there have been any suspicious activities associated with the property, and if so, who was involved. Skip tracing software also keeps track of all changes to the property record, including mortgages, title changes, and sales.

How to skip tracing someone like a boss?

Start by understanding your target's moves and habits. What are their usual haunts? Where do they usually communicate? What devices do they use most frequently? Once you have a basic profile of your suspect, it's time to start hunting for clues.

Dig through their online activity. Are they signing into any restricted accounts or making unusual purchases? Check their social media profiles for mentions of suspicious individuals or locations. Are they meeting with anyone in secret? Try tracking their phone location history.

If all else fails, try contacting their friends and family members to see if they can provide any information about the suspect's whereabouts or activities. And finally, don't forget to keep an eye out for any developments in the case – if anything changes, that could be a sign that your suspect is being investigated in some way.

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