Implementing a Self Service Portal

Grocery stores, banks, and other retail outlets have introduced self-service options for their customers. No wonder doctors do the same. More and more doctors are offering their patients web portals, which saves time for both staff and patients. It can also reduce administrative errors.

Through this site, patients can communicate online 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a nurse or doctor, request fuel, access medical records, make appointments, register their insurance information, and receive lab results online.

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Doctors have found that web portals have been shown to save time and make practice more efficient. Doctors are also discovering that it can change the way they practice medicine, as it allows them to help patients in ways they never expected.

This portal is a secure and HIPAA-compliant online application that allows patients to communicate with their doctors. Some portal apps are stand-alone websites, while others may link to your existing website.

Most practices provide a clipboard with several sheets for the patient to fill out for registration. This will eliminate this step. New patients can access the website and complete their registration even before they are seen in the office and when it suits them. This reduces errors, which in turn reduces the number of rejected applications.

The portal also helps doctors get payments faster from insurance companies. When a new patient registers on the portal, it is easier and more efficient to check whether the person is eligible for insurance. 

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