How to get Success in Self-Publishing

Nowadays, more writers are turning to self-publishing their books instead of relying on traditional publishing. In addition to higher compensation and faster publishing speeds, you can also gain more control over the books that are published. Check out these tips to success In self-publishing to see if they work for your next book.

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1. Make your book great

Last but not least, since you may not have many people read your book before it's published, you'll have to do double duty to make it the best.

So without hesitation, take the time to make sure you've read your book, ask for honest reviews from friends, and optimize it as best you can before publishing it.

2. Use your own fingerprint

When you post to places like the Amazon Kindle Marketplace, you have room to include details about the publisher. Take the time to decide which publisher name you'll use for your new book – you can make it sound like an established publisher, and no one outside the book trade would be wiser.

3. Don't be afraid to advertise

Unless you are a brand author launching a new book, you need to actively promote your new book to generate sales.

Tweet about it. Send copies to friends and even bloggers who write about your area. Bragged about it on Facebook. You can even create a new page for your book and encourage people to like it so the word spreads faster and further.

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