Different Ways to Find a Dog Trainer in Chapel Hill

Many breeders and other experts recommend placing new puppies in preschool and kindergarten puppy classes. These classes are for puppies only and are often offered by pet stores, dog training centers, kennels, and even animal shelters.

You give your puppy a good opportunity to communicate. Meeting puppies and other people in a friendly atmosphere will help your puppy overcome his fear of foreign or unfamiliar objects. Classes like this help build a puppy's confidence and grow into a happy, confident adult dog.

Here are four resources to look for when trying to find a dog instructor near me:

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1. Ask at the pet store and check their newsletter.

2. Talk to the people at the local dog club. Very often a coach can become a member. Dog clubs host obedience shows and may have members with extensive experience teaching obedience.

3. Check your phone book and the internet to see if there is a local dog training center in your area. There may be a professional dog trainer. See if they teach basic obedience classes. Remember, you are not looking for someone to teach Schutzhund training!

4. Ask people at your local animal shelter if anyone is teaching obedience classes. Some shelters offer obedience classes because trained dogs are more likely to train in their new homes.

If possible, try to research trainers and classes before you visit to make sure you have someone to study with.

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