Boxing Gloves: Everything You Need To Know!

The most essential item of equipment for an athlete is their gloves for boxing. When boxing first began hundreds of years ago boxers did not wear gloves for boxing at all. These fighters were called gladiators because they fought using their hands alone and fights often resulted in the death of a fighter.

As you became more modern, you realized that this was too violent of an approach for boxers to engage in combat. Boxing gloves were created to protect a fighter's hands when boxing. The first boxing gloves were known as "mufflers" because they "muffled" the blows to the hands and face of the fighter. You can also buy rival boxing gloves online.

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The traditional boxing gloves are worn over the entire hand of the boxer and around four to five inches above their arms. The gloves form a single piece of leather that fits over your four fingers. And then there's a spot for your thumb.

The boxing gloves vary in weight between 6 and 12 ounces. The larger gloves, the more difficult it will be to keep them up, however the more powerful the impact that can be dealt with.

The majority of fighters also wrap a cloth around their hands before when they put on their gloves for boxing, to provide their hands with additional protection. Boxers also are instructed by their trainers to tape their gloves to the wrist's bottom to ensure they stay in the right position.

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